Our Generation Posable Morgan Horse
Our Generation Posable Morgan Horse
Our Generation Posable Morgan Horse

Our Generation Posable Morgan Horse

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This posable 20-inch toy horse has a lot of great moves!

Always put your best hoof forward. (And if you don’t have a hoof, a foot will do.)

Gallop towards fun with the Our Generation 20-inch Posable Morgan Horse! This posable toy horse has articulated legs so you can jump, rear-up, and gallop towards adventure with your 18-inch dolls!
Because we are an amazing generation of kids. We’re grabbing the reins and organizing beach cleanups, helping out at clothing drives, and growing our ponytails out for charities. And while we may be busy making the world a lot better, we’re also having a lot of fun, laughing with our friends and stomping through muddy pastures ’til our boots almost get stuck. This is our time. This is our story.

Equestrian Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!

Can you teach this posable horse a new trick or two?

The Posable Morgan Horse toy features a long, silky, dark-brown mane and tail that are great for brushing and styling. Saddle up with the cute pink saddle blanket and the lovely brown saddle. The bridle and reins will help your doll and the Posable Morgan Horse lead the way! Use the feed bag to give your horse a treat when you stop for a rest, and the canteen will provide some water if you or your horse get thirsty! Once the ride is done, the curry brush, spray bottle, bucket and sponge will help your groom your horse to perfection.

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