Our Generation Dolls - Nicola
Our Generation Dolls - Nicola

Our Generation Dolls - Nicola

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Our Generation girls reach for the stars and are happy to be the best person they can be and Nicola is no exception. She's always wanted to become a doctor, and with hard work she's now a senior doctor with responsibilty for keeping people healthy and saving lives. Even her daydreams are big. Our Generation Nicola always tries her hardest and it shows!

Ready for a hard day at the surgery, Our Generation Nicola has her doctor's lab coat on over her clothes. She's got her tools and is prepared for anything, whether she needs a stethoscope, x-rays or an optoscope. Her perscription pad is by her side, so it's business as usual for Doctor Nicola.

"Showing you care – that’s good medicine! Diagnosis: Awesome!"

Our Generation Nicola is a non-poseable doll, so she can turn at her neck, shoulders and hips. She can sit at her desk, stand up to assess a patient or bend over to examine them. Thanks for your help Doctor Nicola!

To help Nicola get her OG patients rolling towards recovery, why not get her the Wheelchair Medical Set? It has more doctor's tools and crutches, a leg cast and a wheelchair, for those who need a little more help then just antibotics.


  • 1 non poseable 18 inch doll,
  • 1 top,
  • 1 pair of pants,
  • 1 doctor coat,
  • 1 pair of underwear,
  • 1 pair of shoes,
  • 1 stethoscope,
  • 1 otoscope,
  • 1 sphygmomanometer,
  • 1 pen,
  • 4 x-rays,
  • 1 anatomy paper poseter,
  • 1 prescription pad.

18 inch (45cm) doll, suitable for all accessories and clothes.

Age 3+